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E-Learning Services

What is an e-Learning System

E-Learning systems are electronically supported software applications that facilitate learning and teaching without the need of actual classrooms and all the other paraphernalia associated with traditional learning methods. E-Learning solutions fall under two different categories-

  • Synchronous E-Learning Systems-

    These are those systems in which learning occurs real-time and the system connects both instructor and the student through the use of IT & communication technology. Common examples are virtual classrooms, whiteboards which work on streaming audio and video.

  • Asynchronous E-Learning Systems-

    These are solutions which enable a student to learn through the use of prepackaged learning material which is provided by the trainer over the learning management system. There is no real time interaction between the instructor and the student and the student is free to access at his own time and own pace.

Who all can benefit from E-Learning Solutions

1. Organizations – More and more organizations today are investing increasing amounts of money in training their employees to constantly build newer capabilities and competencies. These efforts have been industry independent and the dollar expenditures have been huge. Typically, an organization spends on airfare bills, hotel bills, phone bills, training facility costs, etc. Just imagine if the training could happen through the use of a system making all these expenditures redundant. You save-

  • Training facility costs
  • Airfare Costs
  • Employee and trainer meal costs
  • Hotel costs
  • Most importantly – TIME

RS IT Services provides cutting edge Web Based and Computer Based Solutions that cuts your training costs and time.

Get in touch with our team of experts today and know how our E-Learning Solutions can be put to your use

2. Educational Institutions - RS IT Services's learning management solutions provide a convenient and interactive platform for your instructors to structure their learning plan for different levels of users and to give access based permissions. Manage student records, course details, course materials, grades, etc. with our solutions. See how easy the work becomes.

There is also the option to manage, track and report the learning and interaction between the learner, content and the instructor.

We have successfully implemented e-learning systems for over 20 universities in UK, USA and Australia.

Contact Us now to know how your institution can benefit from the use of an e-learning system.

3. Tutors - If you are a tutor or an online tutoring company, our e-learning solutions are ideally suited for your needs. You can use the online collaboration tool and whiteboard tool. This is just similar to teaching your students in a normal classroom. Get in touch with us today to explore the possibilities

Some Features of our E-Learning Solutions

  • Course Catalog
  • Interactive course development
  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Report Card
  • Online Course Selling
  • Send queries to Teachers
  • Integrated Message Board
  • Participate in Discussion Forums
  • Work Assignment & Submission
  • View Newsletter
  • Announcements.
  • Participate in virtual classroom sessions using tools like chat, conferencing, and whiteboards .
  • Upload, share & manage files