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iPHONE Custom Applications Development

Over the years, the number of smartphones in the market have increased exponentially. The IPHONE has a major share in this segment which is increasing every day. Thanks to the iPHONE SDK, developers can now create customized apps for the iPHONE.

We at UG Software develop excellent customized iPhone applications for different sectors of industries and for various uses as per your requirements. Our well trained team of iPhone application developers has vast experience in making iPhone applications. iPhone developers at UG Software have complete knowledge of iPhone SDK guidelines and principles. Our team makes it a point to follow all these guidelines during iPhone apps development.

Our custom apps are designed and developed to make the best use of iPhone's diverse functionalities, be it multi-touch interface, accelerometer, proximity sensor, GPS; or other such advanced features of this Smartphone.

We can develop applications for you in following domains:

  • Business
  • Gaming
  • Entertainment
  • Social networking
  • Documents management
  • Productivity & calculation
  • Language conversion
  • Weather information
  • Search & utility
  • Finance
  • News