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The consulting practice at UG Software's is driven by the simply 1-2-3 fundamental. The ideology is to make things simple and practical. .

It's very difficult to train your employees on "the usual consulting frameworks". A simple 1-2-3 framework of "ALIGN- CONSULT-EVOLVE" allows us to put it into a regular practice without worrying about the employee's learning curve.


Our focus is on continuous alignment of our vision with that of our clients.

It's easier to keep your customers happy if you understand his product, its positioning more than what he does. Inculcating the same business sense in our employees helps us connect with our clients better. With 11 years of international footprint, our employees have gained a rich exposure to diversified cultures, helping us connect and align with our clients with ease.


We offer a gamut of services that will help you transform your business. From identifying the right set of technologies, platform, people and processes we engage in

  • IT Strategy Consulting
  • IT Transition Consulting
  • IT Framework Best Practices Consulting
  • IT Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Relationship Consulting
  • Project Management Consulting


Who says evolution needs to be slow!

If we can't evolve fast enough, how will we help our clients get into a faster gear! We dwell on our flexibility.

The mantra at work involves:

  • Understand and Adapt
  • Ideate
  • Implement
  • Assess