Best Logo Designs

Logo Creation

As you may already know, the cost of a professional logo design can be quite expensive If you are a small site designer, business owner, or just wish to have an icon for your brand, it is time to get that cool logo design. a higher-resolution file of your logo that can be used for business cards, signs, brochures, posters, printing, and just about anything else you can imagine.

You can begin using a small TM next to your logo as soon as you receive it. This indicates that you possess the rights to your logo and intend to use it with your products or service. You do not have to file an application to use a TM. If you want to use the more formal circle R designation with your logo, you must apply to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. There is a government fee required for this level of protection.

Technologies We having expertise with

  • Client side coding: Ajax,Javascript,Flash(for RIAs),FLEX,Silverlight(for Microsoft Technologies
  • Server side coding: ASP,CGI,PERL,PHP,Server-side javaScript(SSJS),ASP.Net,
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server,MySql,Oracle,PostgreSQL,SQlite.
  • Servers: Apache,Linux,Windows,IIS.

We happy to serve you for your business regarding any of following website suits your business.

  • Small business websites
  • Corporate Website Development
  • Flash websites Development
  • E-Commerce Development,blogs and forums(PHPBB,vBulletin).
  • CMS(Content Management System) Development,Custom Web development
  • money earning websites like Social Networking,Job Portals,Real Estates,Auctions websites
  • Website maintenance
  • Web Application/softwares like inventory management,employees management,products management